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Our Happy Customers

Andreanne, Quebec

During my vacation at Sandbanks I lost my wedding ring in lake Ontario, throwing a beachball to my daughter.

Probably because of the sunscreen that made it slip from my fingers. For about and hour, very nice people took the time to help me search for my ring but it was already hidden in the sand…

The next day, one of the helpful employees from the Park gave me EllisMetal Detecting Service’s business card and told me that maybe they could retrieve my ring from the water. I had nothing to lose so I called and from there I received great service and hope that the ring was not lost forever. Mark Ellis then put me in contact with his friend Mark Planeta from Lostmetals.

We never met in person, I gave a couple of indications about where I lost the ring and a week and half later I received my ring by mail !

I’ve been telling this great story to all my friends and they can’t believe it ! And what’s funny is my husband’s name is Marc also.
So it was quite funny having two amazing Mark’s help find my ring !

Thanks again to Lostmetals :)

Joan, Milton, Ontario

As the weather warms up, a lot of people are spending time outside gardening, hiking, and doing other activities. Jake called me a few weeks ago and asked me to do a search for him. They had lost their ring on their property, and had searched everywhere. They asked me to come by and do the search for them. We spent some time wondering around the property and assessing areas of interest. After about an hour of searching we had located the ring and Jake was happy to have it back!

I had a call from a lady that wanted to rent a metal detector early in Novemeber. Most people dont know what to do when they have lost something very valuable. They want to call for help, but are worried about calling a complete stranger and asking them to come over and help them locate their lost valuables.

I offered to lend my detector if she wanted to keep the location private. If you have never used a complex detector, it can be a bit overwhelming. After a few days of communication, she decided to tell me the location and I started the search. I was reading many targets, but nothing great. Then I heard a target on my earphones, that was perfect. It was a solid signal and in the right range for platinum. I moved some leaves to the side and there is was, hidden between two leaves. When she found out her ring was recovered, she was so happy that she kept hugging, crying and thanking me. It was so great to see the joy in her eyes, and it is so great helping people out!

Thanks Joan for a great day detecting, and I am glad your ring has been recovered!


"Thank you so much Mark! I thought my rings were gone forever. Two days of solid searching didn't let me down! "

- Andrea from St. Catherines, ON