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Find a Metal Detecting Professional or a Metal Detector For Rent

Who We Are?

We offer metal detecting services from skilled professionals, as well as the rental of professional metal detecting equipment. So whether you are looking for lost jewellery, property stakes, estate caches, or just want to try your luck at treasure hunting, we have to equipment that is right for you.

With years of detecting experience under our belts, and a wide range of quality machines in store we will work with you to recommend the right tool for your job while maintaining and respecting confidentiality.

We look forward to working with you.

Mark Planeta

Mark was born and raised Oakville-Burlington area. His interest in metal detecting began at the age of six with the purchase of a Radio Shack metal detector.

He chose a career in Exploration Geology and graduated with an Honors degree in from Lakehead University. He wrote his thesis on meteorites that were discovered in the deserts of Namibia using metal detectors.

Mark is also passionate about helping young people. Having worked at summer camps for as long as he can remember he decided to go back to school to become a teacher. He received his Bachelors in Education in 2005 and currently teaches and travels the world. He has been to over 70 countries and is always interested in looking for adventure and discovering new things. He is passionate about metal detecting and has traveled to great lengths to help people recover their precious items. As one client said to him:” It’s not about the gold on my ring, but the scratches on the surface”

Jordan Willms

Jordan began metal detecting at a young age using a Whites Coinmaster 2/DB. He found his first musket ball at age twelve. He’s always been interested in history and discovering items lost from decades and centuries past.

He has a diploma in Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering degree and works in the field of high speed communications.

When he isn’t preserving relics from the past he’s helping people recover their valuables before they belong to history.


Emily Greer

Emily was first introduced to metal detecting when traveling with her husband in Montana. It was here that she purchased her first detector, and she’s been hooked ever since!

Emily studied Kinesiology at McMaster University and proceeded to work as a Recreation Therapist for 6 years. Recently Emily went back to school to become a teacher in hopes of educating and instilling confidence in the youth of today. She enjoys travelling, canoeing, camping, and of course metal detecting!

She’ll never forget the feeling she got when she uncovered her first gold ring at the beach and returned it to its owner. In her mind nothing is lost forever!




Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis’ passion is metal detecting. Finding lost jewelry is his specialty, however, he also enjoys locating hidden/forgotten cachés, property markers, oil tanks, industrial food contaminates, or conducting property searches just to see what was left behind by previous generations. He is located in Toronto and the GTA but is more than willing to travel to where he is needed. Mark has been treasure hunting for half of his life and has found and returned countless pieces of lost, sentimental jewelry to very happy clients over the years. His years of metal detecting experience and love for adventure make him a motivated member of our team. He will bend over backwards to help you out.