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Tesoro Cortes

Tesoro Cortes

The Tesoro Cortes is a detector best used for detecting over large expanses of land as well as for looking for deep targets. It is great for people with very little metal detecting experience. This detector would be ideal for looking for earrings and other objects that contain very little metal.


The Tesoro Cortes has a display that gives accurate information about the target. The control box of this machine operates using a series of knobs which makes it very user friendly. The machine is light weight and great for extended uses. The Cortes can detect deep, buried targets, it has an extended battery life, and provides very good audio discrimination.


There is no pin pointing feature to narrow down the target area, but the detector may be accurate enough to not require this feature. Beginners may find this machine difficult to use. The detector does not come with headphones, and is not suitable for wet areas.