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Garrett At Pro

Garrett At Pro

The Tesoro Cibola is best used for locating lost rings, bracelets and necklaces that have been lost in a depth of 5 inches or less of soil and sand. It has an easy to use knob operating system, and is extremely light weight for ease of use over extended periods of time.


Great for snorkelers and shallow water searches. The maximum depth on the machine is 10 feet. It is also great on land, especially beaches. The display screen offers a lot of information. The “Iron Audio” feature will minimize the the amount of trash you dig up especially when you dig deep. Ability to switch between standard and PRO modes. Standard mode is basic. The PRO mode goes deeper and provides a better audible discrimination which informs the listener of the size and depth of the target object. This machine also provides you iwth a custom mode, that allows you to save your settings after you turn the machine off. Adjustable volume on the stereo land headphones.


Water proof headphones are not provided. The display screen is hard to see in dark areas and at night. The pinpointing feature is not as good as some other detector models. The detector only works up to a 10 foot depth in water.