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Fisher Aquanaut 1280X

Fisher Aquanaut 1280X

The Tesoro Cibola is best used for locating lost rings, bracelets and necklaces that have been lost in a depth of 5 inches or less of soil and sand. It has an easy to use knob operating system, and is extremely light weight for ease of use over extended periods of time.


This machine is easy to use, and takes 20 minutes to learn and understand the features. The machine folds up smaller then most units, and is great for traveling with. The discrimination function to eliminate iron objects works well, and the sensitivity in freshwater is excellent. Best used for scuba diving in fresh water.


Like most water detectors it can give false signals when salt water first touches the coil. The 1280X works better when totally immersed in ocean water. The low frequency operation of this machine also has some trouble with black sand (magnetite) that is common on many saltwater and some fresh water beaches. It is a bit heavy for land detecting. The main issue with this machine is detecting in the surf of beaches, where the detector may give false signals.