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Minelab 5000

Minelab 5000

GPX 5000 is a prospecting detector. It is used for people that are looking for gold veins, gold nuggets and any other gold targets that are buried deep below the surface.


It will locate gold much deeper than any other detector, in all ground conditions. It operates very well on des the best signal response on sub-gram targets to large gold in salt saturated and mineralized ground conditions. salt flats, mineralized rock, river beds and beaches. It gives significantly greater depth on medium to large targets in areas with little to very mild ground mineralization. It has a separate battery pack, and a long life battery. It is best used in severe, heavily mineralized rock and or infested grounds with outside mineralization. It provi


It is and expensive machine ($5700) and is not waterproof. It is a heavy machine, with a battery backpack. Its primary purpose is to locate gold, and is not needed for general metal detecting.