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Renting a Metal Detector in Ontario

  • Posted on:  Monday, 15 August 2016 18:46
  • Written by 

Is it better to rent a metal detector or hire a specialist?

The answer to this question depends on what you have lost, and where it has been lost! Many people who contact me have concerns about privacy and security. For these reasons many people rent a metal detector first in an attempt to find the object themselves. This approach is fine if you
have some basic understanding of how to use a metal detector and how to differentiate between metals.  Also, renting a metal detector can be beneficial if you know that the lost object is less then 10cm deep, and lies in an area of 10 square meters or less.
On the contrary, it is wise to hire a specialist for a number of reasons: their equipment is far better quality then you could find at a rental place; they have spent years working with their equipment; they understand the meanings of the beeps and tones of their detector
that mean very little to the ordinary person. In regards to some people's concerns over privacy and security I can assure you that when working with a professional, this is not an
issue. Serious detecting specialists are very professional and thrive on building and maintaining a good reputation.  This is the reason why belonging to an organization like The Ring Finders, is so important. We only publicize finds, if the person we are working for has given us
permission. We are interested in the long term prospects that detecting offers us, and so it is in our best interest to make sure we locate as many rings (or other missing items) as possible. When we have built the trust that is needed, our clients feel comfortable trusting that their ring will be returned, whether they are present at the search or not. If you are interested in renting a detector or hiring a professional, contact someone at The Ring Finders, and you will be impressed with our honesty, professionalism and fair rates.

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