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I Thought They Were Gone Forever!

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 September 2016 18:38
  • Written by 

"If they are there, I will find them!" That's what I told Andrea when she contacted me about her rings that she lost over a month ago. She had been wearing her husband's wedding ring and her engagement ring on a chain around her neck at a resort near Kaladar, ON. When whe jumped into the lake off of the floating dock into the 5 foot deep water she felt that something wasn't right. When she reached for the rings around her neck she realized that the chain had broken, and both rings had fallen into the silty sand at the bottom of the lake. She stood still in the water for almost an hour while her husband dove down and searched for the rings beneath her. No luck. Gold is a heavy metal and they were now buried in the sand. 

Andrea contacted me and told me her story. She wanted those rings back more than anything, and I knew if they were still there that I should be able to locate them. I got all the details and headed up to the resort with my underwated metal detector, pinpointer and sand scoop. After 6 hours in the neck-deep water I pulled up her husband's wedding band. I searched some more for the engagement ring, but as night fell, I had to head home. Andrea was over the moon that I had located her husband's ring, but didn't want to give up on her engagement ring! She hired me for a second search. This time I headed out with a diver and diving gear in addition to my metal detecting equipment. Several hours into the underwater mission we found her ring! 

I was so happy to be able to reunite Andrea and her husband with their rings. She thought that she wouldnever see tham again!


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