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Finding Property Markers With a Metal Detector

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 02 April 2013 17:33
  • Written by 

Knowing how to find property lines are can be extremely useful for your home/cottage projects. Whether you are building a new home or cottage, or simply installing a new landscape bed or fence, knowing the exact location of your property corners is a must to prevent issues with neighbours. So, how can you find them without going to the expense and hassle of calling a surveyor or engineer?

Marking Property Corners

Want to know how to find property lines? Find your property corners. Most land developers and home builders mark property corners at some point during the development of a piece of land. Many municipalities require builders to relocate the property corners at the time of final inspection. Typically, the corners are marked with a 2-3 foot long piece of steel rebar. The builder’s surveyor drives the rebar into the ground at the exact property corner and a cap is placed on top. Why is this done? These steel property corners (or property pins as they are sometimes called) are installed so they can be found in the future with a metal detector after final grading and landscaping covers them up.

How to Find Property Lines & Corners

So we’ve determined that you can use a metal detector to find the pins that mark the corners connecting your property lines. Rather than wander around your property with a metal detector finding loose change and nails from construction, you can save some time by getting a copy of your plot plan first. Sometimes called an engineered plot plan (or engineers survey), this piece of paper shows how your home sits on your lot and provides the locations of the property corners (a.k.a. pins). This plot plan should get you within a foot or two of the corner…and then your metal detector will find the steel pin. If you don’t have a plot plan check with your local building department…many times building departments will keep these on file.

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