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Ring Found in Toronto Thanks to the Garrett AT Pro

  • Posted on:  Friday, 05 April 2013 17:33
  • Written by 

Mr. Grant called us on a sunny afternoon, frantic that he had lost his wedding ring while gardening in his backyard. He had put his wedding ring on to his pinky finger that morning because his ring finger was swollen due to the heat of the day. It wasn’t until after he’d finished planting a row of tomato plants that he realized that his ring had slipped off his finger and was now lost somewhere beneath the soil. It was his daughter that suggested using a metal detector to locate the lost gold ring, and that is when Mr. Grant went on line and found Lost Metals. He called one of our skilled professionals and within an hour we were at his house, metal detector in hand. Due to the small search zone, we were able to locate the lost ring within 30 minutes. Mr. Grant was over the moon with happiness!

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