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Metal Detecting as a Family Activity

  • Posted on:  Saturday, 06 April 2013 17:37
  • Written by 

Metal detecting is a great activity to do with your kids. Children and adults alike love to hunt for treasure, and many have made it their hobby.

A metal detector provides hours of anticipation while sweeping the ground for historical artifacts, jewelery, old and new coins, as well as purposely hidden treasure!

Children have the opportunity to learn about history and science as they examine and research their discoveries. It’s no longer the older man on the beach with high-tech gear. Kids can have a great time metal detecting too.

No matter what your vacation plans are this summer consider bringing along a metal detector! Try one out at the beach, in a field, by a river or even in your own backyard!

Things to do with a Metal Detector

  • In sand, hide metal coins for each other and see who can find the most. Metal detector beach fun can last hours.
  • Scan the beach for lost items. Last year we discovered a buried set of car keys. Luckily they were registered with the War Amps and had a mailing tag attached. We dropped them in a mailbox and now they are back with the owner.
  • One metal detector is all you need for a group of kids or your family. Working together, children can take turns sweeping the earth while others dig for treasure.
  • Don’t feel badly if your child isn’t finding any valuable treasures. Kids are happy to find bottle caps. Like fishing, the fun is in waiting for the catch.
  • All you need is a metal detector, hand-held spade and a container for treasures.

If you and your family live in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Kingston, or Belleville and you would like to rent a metal detector please contact us today!

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